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When Wilde says Lies, we should understand that the reconstruction of reality is that the idealization, do, the invention of a new aesthetic reality, which was invented. Lies are regulations instead of depicting the nature and reality of what happens. Wilde defends the lie in art: you can represent beauty but by lying and falsifying the reality. No art without lie; lying and poetry is the art. Even more fundamentalistic says something and is conventionally believed, it claims that life and nature imitates the art of life and nature. With these precursors, Oscar Wilde makes great importance in many directions, for example, the coign’s superiority of the facts / facts; Even the subjects of quantum mechanics are cauties and predicts even the observation conditions of the views. Reality is not what we see in the illness is not what we see, is how we interpret it or how we represent it, the artistic view of the artistic glance, the artistic laws that will be dominant to pure naturalist concerns are fully meaningful. The revolution of the lie was one of the most favorite texts of Wilde, there is no doubt that the best is one of the best aesthetic criticism. Monster cases were a magnificent against the realistic art of the period that claims to be the mirror of life through the cultivation of life and the realistic art of the period seizing the life more than allegedly representing the life. According to Wilde A, the team reaps to the team that the teams were written so that the novels similar to life were not the way to believe in the truth. So the art should never imitate the nature because the art doesn’t mean anything other than yourself … Oscar Wilde believed that art was convicted of a complete failure, when he waived his main media. The next offer of the old lie is to renew the Art of Lie TI. Since the lying is the highest state of the category called valuable art and the most accurate end, a duty cannot be attracted to Yabana. This compliment to the Oscar Wilde is relating to having the natural reality of beauty. Wilde reveals the need to artists who know how to be criticized against their own statements. 151

It suggests thoughts to explain to explain why we were interpreted as a symbolic archetyps of love is … dignity, etiquette and of course inhabitant, Leonardo Nun Picture reviews and continues to find in all arts and artists. In the Latin Deveror of the inorum (Erabit, Edep) to be agreed to be accurate, to be right, be good to be, to be suitable, to be suitable, to be eligible, to be honest to be honest … It means that the decoror of the ethen and the decor, as well as the dedian The precious, respectable means (Decente, IndeCente, Adecentar, Condecorar, Digno) derives. Of course, I do not see prudent and patience, for example, in the art, which is prudent, in advantage of modern and postmodern art, as well as those who do their own business, who do not have their own business, with the definite collapse of modern and postmodern art.


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