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Sculptures in this nucleus are focused on our immediate environment, where the social network is woven, space where man controls his actions and develops. A visible understanding in the perfect balance and thinking, ourselves as a space, visible in monumental split, balancer 90 and balancer in an arm. These works dialogue together as a sharp demonstration of the capabilities of the human body. Praise of the physical body and a return to the tradition of the athlete hero that ends up making evident the transformation that spaces suffer after our acts, providing a physical, almost mythical meaning, the atmosphere and people coexisting on it. Body and mind This second nucleus portrays the relationship between body and mind: the fragmented egos that find a balance in space, a reconstruction of distant figures and away from our approach, coated in lighting and secrecy. Characters that transmit hope and redemption. Here, angel rotated, oriental Bernard, time, wind and angel squatting, through its winged people, the secreted secreted dialogue in mirror, which represents two characters, identical one of the other, speaking rather exchanging ear to heard . This nucleus is charged with psychological meanings, such as volumetric interpretations of the psychoanalytic process, where two different entities, perhaps conscious and unconscious, dialogue, exchange and constitute experiences and interpretations of the world. Thus, we return to the first work of the route: Alas de México, where the sculpture can now be seen not only as an intervention towards space, but as a symbolic transfiguration of it, given the meeting between art and spectator. Significant relations constituted by both, rooted in the recognition of the mind as an interpreter and the body as a means of interpretation. Our social, historical and personal being, is finally seen in all its spectrum, by referring our experience of what we do, where we do it and why we do it, putting it in perspective our immediate interpretation and our cultural background. 19.

Döndürülmüş Melek / Rotated Angel / Rotated Angel 2013 Kayıp Mum Tekniğiyle Bronz Döküm Lost Wax Bronze 2.20 x 2.05 x 2.80 m

Rüzgâr / Wind / Wind 2016 Kayıp Mum Tekniğiyle Bronz Döküm Lost Wax Bronze 2.70 x 2.05 x 2 m

Ayna / Mirror / Mirror 2016 Kayıp Mum Tekniğiyle Bronz Döküm Lost Wax Bronze 1.25 x 1.28 x 1.10 m

Doğulu Bernardo / Bernard Oriental / Oriental Bernard 2008 Kayıp Mum Tekniğiyle Bronz Döküm Lost Wax Bronze 1.

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